User Management

Manage users, groups and devices at scale.

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Securely store anything

Unified Store

Store and manage users, groups or any other IAM related objects.

Elastic Storage
Simply store any form of data such users, groups, permissions and devices along their references.
Identity overview in a glance
Applications assignments, devices and credentials within a single view.
Revision control
Record, investigate and rollback any change made on users along with their access rights.
Audit Log
Increase visibility and fulfil audit demands with geo-enabled event log.

Simple, yet powerful dynamic rules

Write buessiness level rules, no technical skills required.
Evaluate rules on any identity attribute such as organization hierarchy and positions.
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Lightweight Groups

Build business functional groups to abstract technical entitlements without RBAC hassle.

Assign multiple applications per group.
Any Privilege
Assign any kind of privilege including group membership and scopes.
Increase security by assigning roles temporarily.
RBAC screenshot