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Add a complete user management into your apps without leaving DigitalOcean.


Manage via DigitalOcean's control panel

Crossid as an Addon

Signup and login to Crossid directly from DigitalOcean's control panel.

Setup a tenant in seconds in the Add-Ons section.
Single Sign On.
Manage Crossid using your DigitalOcean credentials.
Ready to go beyond free tier? payment is charged DigitalOcean so you don't have to provide additional credit card details.


Integrate into your framework of choice.

Few lines of code.

Quickly integrate authentication features such as signup ,login , logout and show user profile by using our ready made samples in no time.


SDKs available for most common frameworks.


Add authentication to your React apps, see react tour.

Login code sample

import { AuthProvider } from "@crossid/crossid-react";

const App = () => {
    return (
        <div>your app...</div>

export default App;


Deploy your configured app into Apps, Kubernetes or Droplet.

Choose the right computing service

Whether your apps are running on Apps engine, Kubernetes cluster or simple Droplets, we got you covered.


Choose the most convinient way to run you apps


DO's apps engine detect apps directly from github repo, then it builds and deploy everything for you so you can focus on code, not servers.

Apps via Github Repo

apps via github


Signup, logout, logout and show user profile.

Let customers auth your app

No matter what DO computer services you chose for your app, your app is now auth enabled and ready to serve your customers.

Ready to dive in?

Don't just take our word for it, start building now.